This post has the two most anticipated comebacks of the year, Bangtan Boys and Big Bang. Also featured are Lim Kim, Unpretty Rapstar alumna Kisum, Lil Cham and Jace in collaboration with Sistar’s Bora, Hotshot, A.Cian, and Mr Mr.
BTS(방탄소년단) Wont Let Up in “I NEED U”
Bangtan Boys are back! Much to the delight of fans worldwide.

The song and concept is ‘sensitive’ with the boys shows a softer, vulnerable and emotional side to them. It is built largely on Suga and Rapmon’s rapping in the verses.

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The fashion style, sense and tone of the video is similar that of rebellious teenagers of the 1950’s, called Greasers. The boys are shown running in a pack through a rail yard, like most boys of that day, before the proliferation of TV and invention of the X-box.

Musically, its got some trap beats, as is popular today. But the song centers around an R&B melody that has an intermittent keyboard rhythm. Overall, it’s definitely a complex piece of work, with many layers especially at the bridge, which approaches a crescendo when the chorus is reached. The other complex part is actually right between the chorus and the second verse. The trap beat starts off and ends at those two respective points, before the R&B melody regains it’s pace.

The hook is what I’d call sweet and marshmallowy, and here the music slows to a crawl. The song ends beautifully with the trap beat.

Unpretty’s Kisum (키썸), LilCham (릴샴) and Jace(제이스) Team Up With Sistar’s Bora(보라) and Adoonga(아둥가) in Feedback(피드백)
My exact reaction at the end of this video was “this sh** was off the chingy!”

So, three alumni of the inaugural Unpretty Rapstar Kisum, Lil Cham, and Jace teamed up with the pretty Bora of Sistar as well as Adoonga, who is safe to say is Rhymer, the CEO of Brand New music. Jace is also signed to Brand New Music.

The music video is sass, attitude, and charming. Even the normally sweet Bora puts on a little edge.

The beat isn’t that complex, which is nice, because it allows the girls vocally to shine. This of course is rather important in hip-hop, becasue the vocals can’t be drowned-out. Musically, the main theme is a bass-key sounding rhythm.

“Feedback” was released on April 27, 2015.
Lim Kim(김예림) of (Togeworl(투개월) Continues to Charm Us With her sultry ways in “Love game”(알면 다쳐)
In the first single from her new album “Awoo,” she had a white vanilla strawberry cake. Now in “Love Game” she has a brown strawberry chocolate cake.

Lim Kim has a seductively mature voice in this single. And, the the beat itself is not that complex, and has a clapping that’s almost in cadence. The song and beat together are very creative.

HOTSHOT (핫샷) Warns “Watch Out”
This song is infectious.

This is a hip-hop track, but then the R&B in the bridge is stellar. The arrangement overall is off the hook, and the song is rather exceptional. The hook is beautifully made, increase the feel-rate by like x5.

The dancing is equally solid. Although the boys can “swagger like it’s hot”, they still look a little too clean, jeopardizing their hip-hop look.

Overall, “Watch Out” is well done, and is definitely K-pop party material.

HOTSHOT (핫샷) is a six member hip hop group under K.O Sound. The leader is Junhyuk, the main dancers are Kid Monster, Timoteo, and Hojung, the singers are Sungwoon, Junhyuk, Hojung, Timoteo, and Kid Monster, the rapper is San, and the maknaes are Hojung, San, and Sungwoon.

HOTSHOT officially debuted on October 31th 2014 with their single album “Take A Shot”.

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Kim Woo Joo (김우주) Gets All “Romantic” (로맨틱)
It seems Kim Woo Joo wants one last hurrah, before he begins his prison sentence for faking a mental illness to avoid the mandatory military service.

Anyway, back to the song, it’s pop-pish with lots of high-hats, but nice. His singing also incorporates well with the music, and is rather gentle. Kim Woo Joo isn’t looking for power, and isn’t quite growing through the motions, but showing a kind of resiliency.

The MV was shot in Hong Kong.
Big Bang Returns With Loser
First, did G-Dragon really tattoo “Truth + Dare” on his neck? Probably not. It’s likely to be a marker – you can get away with illusions like that in Kpop.

So, remember back in December of 2014, when GD, Skrillex, Diplo and CL came out with “Dirty Vibe,” and the backlash that came from non-enlightened fans? Well, it seems those barbs really hurt GD. Right after that, he attended the MAMA awards. And, from the pictures, he was unrecognizable. He had completely dropped all the pretense of toughness and swag – and wore a simple button up shirt over jeans.

Well, it seems this song “Loser” was also another result of that backlash. Being an artist – obviously chances are he would pour his emotions into a song. And, we got “Loser.”

Musically, Big Bang occupies a space unto itself. Big bang creates soft-rock infused hip-hop. And, “Loser” does not depart from that sound. The beats of the song are from live instruments.

The music video was clearly filmed in LA, and it seems Taeyang went back to the same site he filmed the Ringa Linga M/V. He certainly has a thing for industrial sites.

Would be interesting to see the reaction from American fans on T.o.p. grabbing the chin of his love interest in the MV. You certainly don’t see that everyday in American music videos.

Daesung certainly has the most powerful visuals in the music video.
A.cian(에이션) Goes For a “Drive”
This music video is really bright.

There’s a lot of active dancing, but sometimes it looks a little out of place. It doesn’t quite fit the feel of the song. This is a guitar riff-filled song, while the dancing is what would usually go in a more pop-pish song. But, altogether it’s still pretty well done, and is also entertaining.

The boys of A.cian really work to maintain the bright concept of the video, through their faces and interactions with each other.

Musically, it’s not a catchy tune, but it’s okay . It’s still a good song.

MR.MR(미스터미스터) Is “Out”
The beginning of this song sounds so much like Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the U.S.A.”

The song almost sounds like a rock number, and is very much Super Junior in concept.

UNIQ(유니크) Is Trapped in “EOEO”
All you need to know is this is a hip-hop trap song – nuff said.


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