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TAKE (테이크) Releases 2nd Single “Tonight”

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

So we covered Take’s beautiful comeback, after 12 years, called “One Spring Day” in the April 9 Edition of “K-Music Thursdays”, and we were caught off-guard by their fluidity, vocally and musically. As a follow up to that single, Take released on May 11 another single called “Tonight.”

Although, less adventurous and playful, this single has a great steady and standard ballad-melody, that’s easy to listen to and pleasant to digest. The MV doesn’t focus on the members and their acting prowess, but follows a couple who seem to be playing a game of “just missed you” or “missed connection,” giving a sense of intense loneliness.

Take was originally a four member band, who debuted in 2003 with their first album “1 Story.” The band then took a hiatus, and now 12 years later two of them Shin SeungHee and Jang SungJae have come back with their second album called “One Spring Day,” still under the name “Take.”

“Take” did a #hashtag interview on ‘1theK’ and described how they got their name, talked briefly about the other two members, and sang a capella so beautifully, especially of the song “Butterfly Grave,” whose rendition by the boys really showcased their exceptional vocals.

GIRL’S DAY (걸스데이) in Commercial MV “Hello Bubble”

This elegant single from Girl’s Day showcases an interesting aspect of K-pop, which really shows how unabashedly commercial the industry is.

This song is a collaboration with a Miseenscene, one of Korea’s leading ‘total hair cosmetic brands’. Korean companies are known for working with K-pop artists and agencies to not just compose and create TV jingles, but whole songs. So effectively, this song is a commercial. But you would never have guessed it, unless you lived in Korea or knew about the brand, Miseenscene.

Here’s a quote from ‘1theK’

MISEENSCENE wanted a collaboration with celebrities to sing a song that will best represent its 2015 Hot Summer Hair Treny Color products. MISEENSCENE selected Korea’s top girl group GIRL’S DAY and “Hello Bubble” as the music to promote the new product line. “Hello Bubble” is by the famous producers DUBLE SIDEKICK and his crew TENZO and TASCO. It’s a charming song about how girls take a long time to get ready and look their best before they go out on dates.

Having said that, this single is indeed very feminine, and shows an appealing grown-up side of the girls. Although, the beginning of the chorus does chip away a little at the “I am woman, hear me roar” feeling the rapper Yura gives to the first verse.

The single was released on May 11, 2015. Girl’s Day is comprised of Sojin, Yura, Minah, Hyeri.

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URBANCHIC (어반시크) Dances Around in “With You” (둘이서) Feat. Kebee of Eluphant (이루펀트)

I can’t say I didn’t have high expectations from an artist called “UrbanChic.” That’s a big name to live up to.

It wasn’t quite what I expected with the name and all, but the song is a mix of funky beats and R&B vocals, and it’s musically pleasant enough to endure, although the video is a little uninteresting.

The melody is nice, gentle and does cause the body to sway a bit from side to side.

The visuals in the MV mostly surround an awkward girl having a good time prancing down the street. Which, I guess gives her the urban edge, in that her happy attitude really says “I don’t care what you think, Johnny!”

The rapping isn’t that great, but it’s acceptable.

From ‘1theK’: “URBANCHIC is an urban R&B producing team with two members, Sung Min and Eun Sol, and their first single ‘With You’ is a middle tempo song combining Disco, Funky, and Hip-Hop, with sweet melodies and sensational lyrics, representing the music style of URBANCHIC. In particular, Kebee of Eluphant featured the song with his unique heart-racing lyrics and funky rapping.”

The MV was released on May 9.

BoA (보아) Invitation to “Kiss My Lips”
Queen B… Ummm sorry, not that “queen Bee.” Queen BoA, miss K-pop royalty… has finally decided to show us her moves.

Okay, so last week, when we covered her long awaited comeback in the single “Who are You,” I said how much I missed her dancing. Seems like queen B…ummm, queen BoA must be reading our Goodmomusic.net!

The other thing I really love about this single, is when BoA uses her husky and sultry voice. Oh, so appealing.

Interestingly, the “queen Bee”… yes, that “queen Bee”also has a husky talking voice, but she doesn’t uses it that often in her songs. Thankfully, this queen B knows what I like… ha ha.

BoA’s movement remain ever so fluid and fluent, enhanced by the breezy white dress that accentuated every motion.

This is BoA’s 8th album, and “Kiss My Lips” is the title track. The MV was released on May 11.

In total, our lady BoA had at least four wardrobe changes in the music video, with each one giving us an insight into the multifaceted lady that she is. The lavender evening gown showed her as a feminine and grown woman vulnerable to love. Her cute white dress showed her fun and girly side, a take on Cindy Lauper’s “girls just wanna have fun.” The checkered outfit is BoA’s grown and sexy on display. And, that all black leotard is a reminder that if you play around with her and don’t take her seriously – you’re only gonna pay the consequences… dearly. BoA, who after more than 15 years in a male dominated industry… is all woman. Don’t take her lightly.

It seems that no matter the weather at SM Entertainment’s headquarters, and no matter what new surprise exit other groups in the agency suffer, BoA remains a constant. Somehow, she has managed to keep management squarely on her side, enabling her to continue to do her thing and release music that never ceases to satiate our appetite, for our queen B.

Oh and one more thing… even as other artists her junior have their personal lives splashed all over the internet on dating rumors and “dating scandals,” BoA has maintained the intense discipline passed to her by Chairman Lee and kept her personal life intensely personal. I don’t know who she’s dating, or ever dated, if she’s dating at all… do you?

We are definitely looking forward to BoA’s 10th album! BoA Hwaighting! And, once again, we will use this as a call for BoA to do a solo tour in the United States. SM if you need advice on which venues and cities… hit me up – I got you. Lol

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Yoon Mi Rae Sings an OST! [후아유 – 학교2015 OST Part 3] 윤미래 (Yoon Mi Rae) – 너의 얘길 들어줄게 MV
This is a soft and sweet ballad complete with a violin orchestra.

The title on YouTube has the name Yoon Mi Rae. So, automatically my attention was drawn to it, but there is no rapping in it. So, I wondered is this another Yoon Mi Rae, or is our Tasha incredibly multi-talented.

The song is an OST, and the MV shows scenes from the drama, which has a rather stiff main actress, who looks like she has taken acting lessons from the day she stepped out the womb, and has never had a free moment to explore all the facets of her life. I digress. Anyway, she probably earned way more money from one episode than I made all of last year… so hey, more power to her.

The music video was released on May 10.

From the description on 1theK, it appears it’s our Tasha!

Yoon Mi-rae, ‘huahyu – School 2015’ OST Part3 “I’ll talk about for your” is released! … it is the first time Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae couples have participated in the OST of the same drama. …because of marginalized people and difficult situations in the world, hearts embellish put a message that comfort lonely people, the harmony of the piano and the orchestra, and the R & B rhythm Yoon Mi-rae full harmony with the voice of the soul is a compelling song. In particular, Yoon Mi-rae The call is expected to significantly hit drama “Love’s all right ‘of the OST song ‘I love you’

Kim Sung Kyu (김성규) of Infinite Says “I want you back” (너여야만 해)
The beats here are vivid, from the drumbeats at the beginning to the violins at the end of the song. It’s an upbeat track, and the vocals are also pretty vivid. I guess this is basically a really vivid track. Kim Sung Kyu is a member of Infinite.

The music video was released on May 10.

Cho Moon Geun Band(조문근밴드 ) – “Lil”
The best part of this song is the beginning, when it’s just the main vocalist singing softly, and the guitarist strumming a short melody over and over again. It’s creative and interesting.

However, when the whole band kicks in, the drummer seems to be moving in a different direction from the rest of the band, or at least at a slightly faster clip. Although, they do sort of come back together in the really fast moving rock-like chorus. Either way, it’s effectively a rock song, and from a live band that’s always fun.

The MV starts out with the band in the woods, which seems to be a common theme these days. There is a random female silhouette dancing, who at times is complimentary, and other times not necessary.

Cho Moon Geun Band means band of bros. “Lil” is from their first digital mini album. “Lil” stands for “love is love,” and is the title track of the album.

An Ye Seul (안예슬) Releases “ILY” (아일리)
This is a cutesy track, with a girl who has an appealing not-quite-developed voice. Her vocals go through the paces of innocence and ingenue unsullied by heartache and a world filled with apathy. So, this is a welcome change of pace.

The MV, released on May 13 is just like the song, happy. It follows the young singer through the streets to deliver a package.

Jung Yup (정엽) Tale About “My Valentine”
Last week we reported on Jung Yup’s chill R&B single “Come With Me Girl.” Well, this week he’s dialed it up a notch for some funky vibes.

Within the appealing melody is a mellifluous rock steady bass that really gives rhythm to the song, even though it is barely perceptible.

The MV, is a little uninteresting as it follows a guy seemingly stuck in his apartment daydreaming, who eventually gets the courage to write a letter to ‘his valentine?’ But, in the end we’re not sure, if he was just daydreaming about that too. Well, sitting still and wishing makes no one great, right? Who am I kidding – I never mailed out those letters either.

The top comment on the video is worth mentioning. “I’m pretty sure this song could have been an hour long just repeating the hook with footage of Lee Jong Suk and I wouldn’t have noticed that’s how handsome LJS is but after forcing myself to only pay attention to the song I have to say I love it it is super chill and just puts me in a good mood”

I stand corrected.

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Nu.D(누디) Drops “Perfume”
There’s something “so right” about this single.

Next up is the simpleness of beats. It’s really just that acoustic guitar playing with our emotions the entire time. The rapping is also right there with the singer, using the vocals to make music by switching up the tempo and taking a few twists and turns – thoough not too much.

The video is pleasant and quaint. It has the boys and a love interest along a road and on a fence bordering a luscious green field, which is definitely not in Korea. Korea is full of mountains.

Like the song the video is an invitation away from the hustle an bustle.

“Perfume” is Nu.D‘s (Nu Dimension) second self-produced track, and it entails a story of a boy who has fallen in love. Its sweet pop melody and lyrics are perfect for the approaching warm season.”

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