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After an 11 year haitus, the YG Entertiainment K-hiphop duo returned with a loud bang in “Tell Me One More Time” (‘한번 더 말해줘), which is a play on their second debut single “Tell Me.” The catchy single was released at 12 a.m. on Wednesday April 14, 2015, and as of today, a week later on April 21, it has garnered over 1.5 million views.

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Jinusean from Soompi

“Tell Me One More Time” was written by Tablo, and on the vocals singing the chorus and bridge is the lovely Jong Hanna (장한나), who is still a YG trainee. She seems to be filling the shoes of Park Bom, for the time being.

The music video features several Korean celebrities, including Yu Jae Suk of the popular “Happy Together“show, Seo Jang Hun the Koean basketball player, Shoo of S.E.S, Haha of the popular “Running Man” show, Kim Hyung Jeong, Epik High, Yang Dong Geun aka YDG and DJ DOC. Bobby from SMTM3 was also in the MV.

Jinusean 1
Jong Hanna in the middle


Jinusean yoo-jae-suk-haha-1
Yu Jae Suk and Haha



Jinusean Bobby
With Bobby and Seo Jang Hun


YG Entertainment released a “behind the comeback” video that interviews most of the stars in the music video.

“Tell Me One More Time” is one sweet nostalgic trip down memory lane. Right from the beginning with the BMW 3 series you know something interesting is about to happen. Then up comes the borrowed set of 90’s Mase and P-Diddy’s “Mo Money Mo Problems“, the hippie 60’s band references, the groovy 70’s swag, the 80’s Run-DMC gettup, and all those Michael Jordan jerseys and Air Jordans, by now has anyone who could even say “dada” by ’97 up out their seats, laughing and dancing.

The music is fun and exciting with an electronic disco beat, and a side of funky.

According to the Korea Times “Tell me One more Time” quickly topped eight online music charts after it was available for only nine hours.”

“I’ve waited so long to come back as Jinusean,” said Sean, one member of the duo. “I never lost my passion for the stage over the last 11 years, even when I was backing up young artists behind the stage.”

“As a frontier hip-hop duo from YG Entertainment, Jinusean debuted in 1997 with their first album “Gasoline,” but the rappers’ biggest success came with their second single “Tell Me.” The duo is made up of Jin-woo Kim (김진우) and Noh Seung-hwan (노승환).

So what have they been doing in those 11 years? Interestinginly, they never left YG. In an interview released soon after the comeback the duo talked about how over the years they’ve been helping other artists at YG. In that sense, YG is really a family, in that instead of artists washing out are allowed to grow within the business and play supporting roles for other artists.

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