“Feedback” was featured in this week’s K-Music Thursdays.

The popularity of “Unpretty Rapstar” surprised even the producers. And, since the inaugural season ended, many of the participants have attained new levels of popularity.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

So, seemingly out of nowhere comes this collaboration, which makes perfect sense, with Sistar’s rapper Bora teaming up with three of Unpretty’s Alumnae, Kisum, LilCham and Jace. Although, Bora has the prestige of being in a highly ranked K-pop group, but when it comes to hip-hop street cred, Kisum and co bring the bacon.

Also, featured on the track is the CEO of Brand New Music, Rhymer, who hasn’t really actively come out on a track in quite some time. It seems Kisum’s performance during Unpretty influenced his decision.

It seems Jace, who is signed to Brand New Music made a cameo appearance for Unpretty Rapstar and was set to replace an eliminated contestant. However, it doesn’t appear that plan ever materialized. Because, she isn’t featured in the remainder of the season. Read our very detailed summary of Unpretty Rapstar.

Here’s 1thK’s little spiel on the collab:

Now hip-hop is becoming the center of music industry, and this love song ‘Feedback’ is by the strong female rappers who have been attracting people’s attention with woman power.

The leader of Brand New Music Rhymer and the rookie producer Lish worked on the song ‘Feedback’ together. The song is a hip-hop song where it talks about the frank ways how women love these days. There are four kinds of warnings, one from each woman, to a guy who wants a ‘response’. Kisum starts out with being young and frank, and Jace and LilCham shows their heavy presence. Bora leaves a strong impression with her special high-tone rap. She is joining a rap collaboration for the first time after her debut.


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The beat to ‘Feedback’ isn’t that complex, which is nice, because it allows the girls vocally to shine, which is important in hip-hop because the vocals tend to give the hip-hop artist their distinct characteristic. For instance, Tupac’ vocals give his music a very different characteristic that Biggie’s vocals.

Feedback has a thematic bass-key sounding rhythm thoughout the song that grows on you. The music video is sass, attitude, and charm. Even the normally sweet Bora puts on a little edge. The song was released on April 27, 2015.

The next day 1theK released a hashtag interview of the four collaborators, and a stuffed doll of Adoonga – Rhymer.

It’s amazing how Bora was brought out of her idol-shell by the uncensored hip-hop artists with her. Kisum joked about Bora and Giriboy being in a scandal, because Bora chose him as someone she would like to collaborate with. The look on Bora’s face is priceless. In the K-pop world u don’t throw jokes like that around carelessly. Bora – this isn’t quite Kpop anymore.

From the interview, Kisum is just like a dude. She sits like one, and even her thoughts on Love are similar to that of a dude, “If I love someone, and that person loves me back isn’t that the only feedback you need.” Straight forward no beating around the bush. Even her grey high top Timberland’s are rather masculine. She also displayed an innate leadership skill to make sure everyone was included, as she pulls in Lil Cham into the conversation, who can at times sit quietly and without expression.

It does look like Lil Cham got some work done on her jaw, since the ending of Unpretty. Given the challenges of being in the entertainment industry of a country that places paramount value on looks – more power to her.

In the Wall Street Journal, recently there was a report that fortune-tellers in Korea who read faces are having a hard time doing their job with the proliferation of face-jobs. But, a particular fortune teller was reported to have said that Koreans getting plastic surgery was largely a good thing, because it made their faces luckier.

Overall, the chemistry between the girls was infectious, and friendly. Kisum held her little harem together, and she totally has a girl crush on Bora – who wouldn’t.