‘K.A.R.D.’ drops more video teasers for “Don’t Recall”


K.A.R.D. drops multiple teasers for “Don’t Recall” as the song’s release date approaches.

On February 13 KST, the first teaser with members Somin and Jiwoo was released and features outfits for the video that the girls will be rocking as well as some of the scenery we can expect. The entire video is in black and white and that may mean the music video is too?

See the girls’ teaser here:

On February 14 KST, the second teaser with J.Seph and B.M was released and featured the boys waking passed each other with their silhouettes overlapping. This teaser was also in black and white and both seem to allude a more serious video.

See the boys’ teaser here:

Then on February 15 KST, the last trailer was released with the full group. This teaser shows the group members posing in different scenes and places with flashes of clips from…”Oh Na Na”?! However, while the other teasers are in black and white, this one is a mix of black and white and color.

See the final teaser here:

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