‘K.A.R.D.’ releases first version of new single “Don’t Recall”


February 15 KST, K.A.R.D. dropped their new single “Don’t Recall”. This comes after their debut track “Oh Na Na” in December 2016.

KARDThe song features a subtle Reggae beat mixed with R&B. At the beginning, the video shows clips from their previous music video just before the song starts. Somin and Jiwoo show off their strong vocals and solid harmonies in the song adding a new dimension to the group’s sound.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

In the lyrics, the group describe a breakup from both sides and the effects that is having on both. The girls talk of no longer wanting to remember memories of the relationship and how they don’t mean anything anymore. The boys, however, can’t seem to let her go. Even hoping she doesn’t really mean her words. It’s a creative way to look at and present a breakup with a funky sound. See the video below.

Look out for the hidden version, where we learn the second hidden member of the group.

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