Kara’s “young and restless” maknae Young Ji recently did a fashion pictorial BNT News.

Hur Young ji Kara - 7

The pictorial, done in Hawaii, had four concepts. According to BNT, “The first concept had her as a shining marine girl before moving on to a curious and playful second mood. Following was a sweet and lovely theme and was completed with a woman full of the beauty of seduction.”

BNT continues: “In the first concept, she wore a marine look with a white blouse and vivid blue pants. Next, she changed into a white t-shirt and two-toned denim jeans for a casual mood. She accessorized with an American flag hairband to give a point to the look.”

Hur Young ji Kara - 6

Hur Young ji Kara - 3

Hur Young ji Kara - 2

Young Ji is reported to have said, “I am fully seeing the benefits of being Kara. She continued “My role models are still the Kara members”

Of her teammates she said, “It feels like Seung Yeon and I are dating.” And, on ‘Roommate Season 2’ she said it is a valuable experience she’ll never be able to forget and added, “I want to appear in ‘Roommate Season 3’ as well.”

Hur Young ji Kara - 4

Hur Young ji Kara - 5

Hur Young ji Kara - 1

Hur Young ji Kara - 8
(bntnews DB)[by Sora Ghim, photo by Seo Young Ho]
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