The 4 members of Kard in their last MVs have always sort of informally paired up, but never quite so obvious. In this latest comeback “You In Me,” any doubt is erased as the male-female group pair up for an intimate look into the loveless lives of dissatisfied lovers.

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You In Me continues the tropical house/dancehall influence that Kard has popularized in kpop. They found success with it immediately with their debut “Oh NaNa.” And, each successive comeback Don’t Recall, Rumor, and “Hola Hola”, have all been based on it.

At this point we may conclude that it is their signature sound.

The word apego, is all over the MV. It is Spanish for “attachment or fondness”. The storyline in the MV is a bit obscure, although dark.

Each male fails to fulfill the love of his female counterpart. One of the men is overworked and has provided material gains for his woman. While the other is lazy, but is physically fit and handsome, so provides a visual satisfaction for his woman.

However, each ultimately fail to keep the fire burning in their respective relationships, and the subsequent grim result is the same for both.

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