Hip-hop OPM artist Karencitta, real name Karencitta Ann Cabrera, is back. Karencitta just released her third single Oblivion”, from her debut LP “So Help Me God”.




Karencitta’s new single “Oblivion” features her jiving along to the hard-hitting beat. Karencitta never once runs out of swag, as the reggae production keeps pumping out the track’s boom-bap influenced sound.

About the lyrics and the message of the track, Karencitta shared: “It is about heartache. I feel like ‘caring for someone’ is rare and if they do care, it’s only when you die. It’s just human nature.

“We get so caught up with our own life that we forget about our family, friends, children and even strangers around us. In the 2nd verse, it’s my advice to a young girl about love, about friendship.” [interview credit: Faudible.com]




Karencitta is a Filipina-Australian artist, whose parents are originally from Cebu. She was born in Sydney and later lived in Los Angeles, where she starred with a lead role in the feature film “Funny Man”.

Karencitta declared that her stated objective is to “revolutionize hip-hop and rap music in the country”. She also shared: “As an artist, I feel obliged to shower the world with art”. [interview credit: Faudible.com]  The hip-hop artist cites Kendrick Lamar and Amy Winehouse as her strongest influences.


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