Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung has been the talk of the town in the past few days since she released her solo album “With Love, J” featuring the lead single “Fly,” on May 16. It had been the most awaited comeback this year. The song proved to be a top contender bagging 8 top spots on local music charts, and the song has over 5 million views on YouTube. However, just as the song’s popularity was gaining ground, KBS TV recently banned her song from being broadcast on their network.

KBS said the reason was inappropriate branding lyrics, which featured “Benz” and “Ford.” But, Jessica’s agency, Coridel Entertainment reassured her fans that they would fix the problem. Now, on May 19, Jessica’s fans are rejoicing as KBS TV has lifted it’s banned on “Fly.”

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According to Coridel Entertainment‘s statement on May 19, “The problematic lyrics are now silenced, and the song was submitted for re-deliberation on May 18.” 

Good thing that Jessica’s current agency resolved the problem quickly, and it didn’t affect the quality of the song itself.

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