KCON is quickly becoming the nexus of “all things Hallyu” in America. It’s the one place to go see all the favorite YouTube vloggers, Kdrama and Kpop bloggers, up and coming Kpop-inspired artists, and of course the Kpop artists themselves. KCON in 2014 shows Hallyu going beyond the artist. Fans and consumers of Hallyu are getting their Kpop and Kdrama fixes, not just from artists and actors, who are usually remote anyway, but instead from those who are creating the secondary content, and really from among themselves.
KCON 2014 Day 1-12

By 10:00 AM, the line had already wrapped around the block in front of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, where KCON 2014 was making a return. In 2013, KCON hosted more than 8,000 fans, and the officials at CJ Entertainment, the host, estimates this year was even bigger. Beyond the food trucks, the lines to take pictures with the fake G-Dragon, the outdoor stage for aspiring artists like Jhameel, the dance workshops and the panel of bloggers (of which Good.Mo.Music was on the “How to Hallyu Blog”), the first concert in the arena was filled almost to the brim with 13,000 fans. With the real G-Dragon capping off the night in a shirt plastered with Whitney Houston pictures, U.I., BIA4, Teen Top and Vixx also performed to the thrilled crowd.
KCON 2014 Day 1-17

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KCON 2014 Day 1-19

KCON 2014 Day 1-21

KCON 2014 Day 1-30

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