Ah so much going on in Kpop world, I don’t even know where to start. BIG BANG MADE TOUR CONCERT TICKETS… did y’all see them ticket pricings???? Update from Kcon performance list and their ticket tiers. EXO COME BACK! BIG BANG COME BACK! So much is happening in Kpop and this isn’t even a quarter of it. (This is why one should not get sick…. falling behind in Kpop is like the worst thing, it’s hard to play catch up.)

1st thing first. Kcon, this is probably the biggest thing on my mind, I am still mind boggled over everything that comes with these packages. Platinum ticket, this is a new tier that sooooo many kcon-ners are trying to get their hand on. This really is a dream package, especially if the artist that will be at the LA show, is your ultimate group.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Here is a list of the perks for platinum ticket holders. BACK STAGE TOUR!!! Okay that jumped at me when I saw that. Like is this backstage when there is no artist there, or will fans get to go backstage when artist are done the concert for the day. Unfortunately the platinum convention check-in doesn’t do much for me. For the past 2 years I had the top tier tickets, which was P1 and I was waiting in line sooo long that I had to give up VIXX artist engagement I had because I didn’t get into the convention in time. Everything else that comes with this is AMAZING!

You are guaranteed 2x Fan engagement activity pass, you have all access fan engagement activity passes, all access red carpet pass (this is golden) and then you have a nice rest spot when you need that breather for the day. I have been lucky to go to 2 red carpets, and I must say it was a wonderful experience, the guaranteed access to that makes me want to jump and buy this package. You can get all of that goodie for a whopping $800 package, which I thought was a lot, but it really gives you a lot of perks.

P1 and P2 packages are too bad themselves. For P1 you get 1x guaranteed fan engagement, 3x guaranteed fan engagement audience pass, red carpet pass opportunity and you also get to hang out in the lounge as well. And of course 1 entrance to the concert as well for both days. P2 you get fan engagement activity pass opportunity,  2x guaranteed fan engagement audience passes, red carpet opportunity and a limited edition Kcon 2015 swag bag, like P1, and Platinum ticket holders.


For P3, P4, and P5, there isn’t much perks but you still have opportunities for audience pass, and p3 has a 1x guaranteed fan engagement audience pass, and you get Kcon 2015 USA bag as well.

If you are going to Kcon and you are going for both concert dates, it only makes sense to get a combo package rather than buy single tickets separately, and here is why. P1 is $250 if you get them as single which would amount to $500, but if you get it as a combo you save $100, because the combo ticket for P1 cost $400. P2 $200 for single, $320 for combo. P3 150 single, 210 for combo. P4 100 single 140 for combo. P5 50 for single, $70 for combo.


I hope you guys are ready for the battle that will leave some happy and some really sad, because they didn’t get the ticket that they wanted. Good luck to you all. Platinum & Combo tickets go on Sale June 18th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET, and individual tickets go on sale on June 22nd for Kcon LA!

So far the artist list for Kcon LA is; Super Junior, Block B, AOA, Shinhwa, Roy Kim, SISTAR, and GOT7.

So far for KCON NY Girls’ Generation and VIXX has been named for performers.

Since Kcon NY is only a 1 day event, here are the ticket pricing. P1 $220, P2 $170, P3 $130, P4 $100, P5 $50. Unlike KCON LA, they don’t have much perks. P1 is guaranteed a fan engagement activity pass, while p2 is guaranteed fan engagement audience pass. P3-5 has the opportunity for fan engagement audience pass.



If you need more info please go and check out http://www.kconusa.com/ as they update their site when new information or artist lineup is announced.


  1. I want to surprise my daughter with very good tickets. For kcon2016, for her fifteen birthday, I’m going with her, I want to get her a platinum and myself p1, can we be together in p1 floor ? If I buy both tickets together, for fan engagement we get the same idols ? I want to get diff idols so I can give her my guaranteed engagement hi touch pass or should I buy in two different purshases?

    • Tickets for KCon16ny went on sale yesterday. See links, below.


      As for if u can be together – provided ur ticket/seat numbers are consecutive that should be possible. But since she will be in a different category, I don’t think you guys can be together.

      As for fan engagement, because fans are randomly selected via a scratch card, you two are not likely to get the same idol.

      From previous years, fan engagement wont be known until you’re on site, at the venue. It may be different this year. Hope this helps.

    • If its anything like last year KCon, the guaranteed fan engagement pass can be that you will get to have hi-touch session (high five each member of the group) or have a fan-sign of merchandise or a designated picture of the group that is signed. For guaranteed fan activity pass, it means that you wont be able to do like previously stated, but you would be able to be at that session and watch the artist interact in a little fan meet session. Hope that help clears things up for you Sally.

    • If it’s the same as last year, it’s first come first serve into the grounds. So you want to get there well before 8 AM, if you want to catch the early events. But the concert wont start until well into the evening. But the red carpet events will start in the early afternoon. Is this your first KCON?