Former I.O.I member Kim Chungha is debuting as a solo artist soon! On April 21, Chungha dropped her new music video for her pre-release song “Week”, ahead of her full debut that’s happening before the end of this month.

Chungha’s solo debut is finally coming soon, after lots of speculation and anticipation from fans that she would be the next I.O.I soloist after Kim Sejeong, who debuted as a solo artist last November with “Flower Road”. Like fellow I.O.I member Sejeong’s song “Flower Road”, Chungha’s pre-release track “Week” is a personal and emotional ballad.

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Watch Chungha’s new music video for “Week” now:

Chungha‘s all on her own in her very personal music video for “Week”. Sitting alone in a room that looks like a dance practice studio, the windows open to Chungha sitting alone, with rays of sunlight reaching out to her.

Chungha looks back on this week, while exploring the place. She also ends up looking back on her 7 years as a trainee before debuting with I.O.I. She checks out items that are full of nostalgic vibes harking back to her trainee days, like water bottles, healthy meals of fruit and vegetables, and mirrors for the trainees to see how their style and their moves look.

There are some symbols that are a nice touch, too, that kind of show what Chungha’s time as a trainee was like. There’s a flower that stands alone near other flowers, showing how each member has their own charms yet is part of a rising group. Chungha later waters this flower, just like how she kept on practicing her singing and dancing to make her the artist she is today.

There are other cool retro items, like a record player, cassette tapes, changing cards that tell what day it is, and a handheld clock. Soon, the dance practice studio switches up the colors of the whole place.

Chungha also sings alone in a room that has very little light, that’s like a metaphor that says if trainees see hope, believe that they can do it, and keep on keeping on, everything will be lit eventually. And that’s what happens: it all fades away for Chungha to now sing outside, surrounded by the countless stars of the night sky, a sign that she’s made it and how far she’s come. The lyrics share a lot of what Chungha’s feelings were at the time:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Where am I?
Day after day, if only I can hold onto it
Until when will I be left here alone?
Another day passes and I fall asleep

All day, I’m standing in front of the mirror
With the same face
With the same voice
I sang all day
Lalala lalala

I open my eyes
But the lights are still off in my room
Will it come true?
Far away

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