‘Kim Jin Ho’ releases sentimental video for sentimental tune “Graduation Picture”


The ballad singer doesn’t disappoint as Kim Jin Ho finally releases the music video for his sentimental tune “Graduation Picture”. The song depicts the life of two friends and how memories brings them together.

Kim Jin Ho – Family PortraitIn the video, we see an animation of two boys who share a brotherly friendship go through life together at elementary, middle, high school and college. We then see how Jin Ho‘s friend spends his life now. Then we are greeted with many photographs of the friends as they grow up together. At the end of the video we are greeted with a final photo – Kim Jin Ho and his friend as they are now.

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Editor’s note: I actually had to hold back tears when that picture was shown. I’m not sure why I almost cried, friendship man! T.T

The lyrics form a letter to an old friend, much like the animation in the video depicts. Jin Ho is remembering his friend and times they had while growing up. He ends the letter with telling his friend that although time passes, they both should keep their memories of each other. See the video below.

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