Early converts to The Green, Hawaii’s number 1 reggae band, have always been wistful about the absence of one song on the set list, anytime they go on tour. This all changed this past fall, when they invited Kimie to join them on tour. The song “How does It Feel” was released back in 2010 on their first album and is a duet with Kimie and JP, who is one of the lead guitarists of The Green. Since its release, The Green have been to New York City at least five times, so when we met Kimie after she opened for The Green at the Gramercy Theater in downtown Manhattan, we had one pressing question “what took you so long, girl?!”.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Kimie, self-described as an “acoustic-soul reggae” artist recently released a 7 track E.P. that’s filled with stories and platitudes like “what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger”, and “even the highest mountain can one day crumble to the sea”. The E.P. also has the recurring phrase “the life I’ve chosen.” Lyrics like this combined with her ready smile and vivacious character, suggest she’s endured the process of striving without letting it overtake her. She laughs easily, and when speaking has a habit of overlapping her sentences, jumping into another before completing the first. For the most part Kimie’s vocals drip with honey, but they also contain a hint of grit and nasal nuances. All of which provide a pleasant combination and adds to the uniqueness her self-styled acoustic-soul-reggae.

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