It’s like the proverbial saying, “if a tree falls in the forest, did it make a sound.” Well, it’s almost a crime that Knave is out there making amazing works of musical art, like his latest single “Leave,” but no one knows about it or him.

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Listening to “Leave” almost feels like a first kiss. Filled with confusion, and a surge of emotion, you are wondering how did I exist without this in my life!? But, with apprehension you’re wondering, are you the one!? I hardly know you.

The way Knave masterfully navigates the artistic landscape painted by the keyboard’s soft, tender yet magnificent melody, is comparable to any ultra-popular Kpop R&B artist out there, like Crush and Zion T.

In some ways, with “Leave” he may even momentarily exceed them. Just because, it’s not too difficult to predict what direction Crush or Zion T may take with their melodies, as they basically cruise along smoothly and unobstructed. But, Knave can’t be bothered to take the straight and wide path the beat has created for him. At times it’s like he vocally builds his own way, taking us through vistas of ethereal melodies and picturesque musical landscapes, and you wonder, how did I exist before this?

Discovering Knave almost feels like an existential crisis. A little hyperbole, but you get my drift.

Knave isn’t signed to any label, and his views on the obscure (but great platform for emerging artists) Genie Music YouTube distribution channel are paltry. It’s been said that he shunned signing with a label so as to create real and good music. Obviously, a purist at heart, but it’s time to come out of the woods. It’s time to take the rest of world on these fresh excursions of musical pleasure that moves the heart like a first kiss.

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