KCON 2017 NY was an amazing time. The international fans, K-pop stars, event organizers, and everyone who made it all the way to the New York metro area shook things up and spent the weekend on a high note packed with tons of fun.

Nine K-pop artists walked up to the KCON Red Carpet all decked out, and took the stage later that night. Most of the group who went to last weekend’s East Coast event were rookie groups who’ve only had a few international events in their record. One of the rookies were KNK, who debuted only slightly more than a year ago in March 2016.

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This is also KNK’s first time at KCON, an excellent way to make an international splash after only after a year and a few months in the game. Danny Lim played the host of the KCON NY Red Carpet event, adding this epic gig to his already solid credentials as a YouTube actor and personality in the international scene.

Danny asked KNK if they were excited to see their international fans live from their fandom, Tinkerbell, in this landmark event. KNK looked really glad to meet all the people who made it all the way to New York to see them and all the other K-pop stars in store. KNK dressed up in very classy outfits, shirts with white jackets, pants, and sneakers, matching the the powerful and coordinated concepts they’ve been rolling with since debut.

KNK is a boy group signed with YNB Entertainment, and are the juniors of girl group Bestie. Their pre-debut record include performing as Bestie’s backup dancers on stage at their multiple events and concerts since 2013. KNK’s five members are Youjin, Seungjun, Inseong, Jihun, and Heejun.

KNK debuted in March 2016, and since then have released two mini albums and single albums. All in all, they’ve definitely made a knock and big impact in the K-pop scene with their growing fandom. Their one-of-a-kind concepts are reflected in the four singles they’ve so far released: debut single “Knock”, “I Remember”, “Back Again”, “U”, and “Sun, Moon, Star”.

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