Let’s fast-forward a bit in our exploration of Korean hip-hop. Good.Mo.Music recently had the opportunity to interview an eminent Korean rapper, Verbal Jint, on his visit to New York City. We asked which had greater influence on Korean hip-hop, East Coast or West Coast hip-hop? No two artists embody these two sub-genres more than Tupac and the Notorious B.IG. But before we get in-depth with these two, and their contributions to Korean Hip-hop (in a future episode), let’s hear the remarkable insight from Verbal Jint’s label mate, Bumkey.

Bumkey, before being drafted into new K-pop group, Troy, had been a solo artist in his own right. He has released popular tracks like “Bad Girl”, as well as provided velvet-textured melodies of RnB in collaboration with rappers like Verbal, such as in “Only For You” and “Walking in the Rain”. Bumkey’s performance the night of May 22, 2014 at the B.B. King concert venue in NYC, showed extraordinary depth. Along with his music, he performed cover songs of Neyo, Back Street Boys and Musiq Soul Child, in flawless English.

For more on more on Troy and Bumkey:

To Be Continued…

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