It is no news that Korean beauty trends are taking over the world. All makeup lovers would be familiar with trends like ‘lip gradients’ or ‘puppy eye liner’ but what exactly makes it so different from American makeup?
Let’s check it out below!

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AMERICAN: Eyebrows are usually filled in and fuller eyebrows are in trend. The ‘arch’ is one of the most popular trends and loved by a lot of beauty Youtubers.

KOREAN: Eyebrows are lightly filled in, ‘straight brows’ and naturally curved brows are in fashion, but the overall look is soft.


AMERICAN: Darker shades of eye shadows are used, and even while going for light shades, the colour on the lids is quite noticeable. The smoky eye is still very popular among makeup lovers.
Eyeliner is usually dramatic, people tend to go for winged eyeliners and even if they don’t ‘wing’ it, eyeliner tends to be prominent.
Dramatic false eyelashes are used to achieve a look of thick, long and full eyelashes.

KOREAN: Single shades are generally used for eye shadow and even when there are two or more shades used, Korean eye makeup tends to focus on brightening the eyes so a lot of sheer colours are used. Korean eye makeup does focus on the layer of fat right below one’s eyes. It is enhanced with highlighter or white eye pencil.
For eyeliner, the ‘puppy eyeliner’ is an extremely popular trend that has taken over the world which basically opens up the eyes, making the seem larger.


AMERICAN: For foundation, a matte look is preferred. Other than using a matte finish foundation, many also go for ‘baking’, a process that further mattifies the look. Many beauty Youtubers also try to go for a shade darker than their skin tone to give them a tanner look.
Contouring is big in the Western world. It is used to bring out the cheekbones, jawlines and make the face look slimmer and sharper.
Bronzer is used to give the face a sun kissed look.
While blush is used, it is not the focus, highlight, on the other hand, is supposed to be one of the key points. It brings out the cheekbones even more. There was a crazy ‘makeup with only highlighter’ challenge that had gone viral which shows the obsession people have with it.

KOREAN: Most of the times, heavy foundation is not used. BB or CC cushions are preferred and even while going for foundation, shade matching the exact skin colour, maybe even lighter is preferred. A dewy finish look is the point.
Contour is used more for making the nose look smaller. Even when it is used for cheekbones and jawline, it is not built up like in American makeup.
A soft blush is mostly the focus. Since natural look is preferred, light shades of blush like light pinks or oranges are used. It is to make the face look brighter and more alive.


AMERICAN: ‘Kylie Jenner lips’ is something we have all heard. Lip liners are often used to achieve the ‘big lips’ look. Sometimes, lip liners are also used to create a shape for the lips different than the natural shape, and they are used to draw line above the actual lip line to make the lips look larger.
Lips are filled in with a lipstick that is a shade or two lighter than the lip liner to give an ‘ombre’ effect but it not a look usually used in everyday life. Bold lips are also quite popular. Since the matte look is popular, the same goes with lipsticks. Liquid to matte lipsticks are all the craze right now but that doesn’t mean that glossy lips are not seen at all. There is actually a lot of variations when it comes to lips and it usually depends on one’s preference.

KOREAN: The ‘lip gradient’ is one of the most popular Korean makeup trends. A natural look is always the key point of Korean makeup and that is why this look is preferred. A shade of lip tint, usually pinks, purples or oranges are applied to the inner centre of the lips and then it is smudged to the entire lips. This also give the look of bigger, fuller lips but just in a more natural way. The look is also mostly topped of with gloss but that is not an important step.

Here you can spot some of the differences in two makeup looks for school:


So, which one do you prefer?

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