Indie rock artist Eddy Yang,¬†from Los Angeles, California, smoothly dropped straight into the scene with his newest easygoing single, “Split the Night”. Eddy sings with his fun and engaging voice, about two people – friends, lovers, acquaintances, maybe even strangers – wanting to spend time throughout the night together, in a way that’s most meaningful to them.

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Eddy Yang is an Asian American indie rock artist based in Los Angeles, and already he’s making his mark and rising to the top. His rock sound blends guitar riffs, bursting with¬†energy, together with electronic beats to make thrilling one of a kind mixes.

Eddy’s listed classic rockers like The Velvet Underground, Television, and Bruce Springsteen, as well as more modern musicians like Kanye West, Beach House, and Chvrches, as the leading artists who’ve influenced his sound and voice.

Eddy Yang couldn’t have chosen a better title for his debut single. “Split the Night” rings just like “Seize the Day”. The lyrics flow smoothly like poetry, as Eddy describes the ideal night: one where you just let go and you can be yourself or become someone else, maybe with another person, because in the end, all that matters is tonight. Eddy’s voice and words will get you thinking about and appreciating the night in a whole new light.

Eddy’s “Split the Night” comes off very simple at first, with its not-that-complicated rhythm and electronic beats that just emerge every now and then on the way. For this single, however, the beauty is in the simplicity and in the message, making this song from Eddy even more stylish and thoughtful.

Eddy brings pop production and indie rock together to make a song that’s perfect for that time in the day to unwind, like a mini-listening session or a late night walk. His lyrics in “Split the Night” are something that everyone can relate to. At the same time, some listeners might unexpectedly find deeper and more profound meaning in the midst of Eddy’s new easygoing anthem.

Eddy creates music mostly within the bounds of rock music, but this hasn’t stopped him from expanding and trying new things, like the signature way he’s adopted modern pop music styles into his artistic production and music creation process.

Eddy’s speedy rise to the top has not gone without notice, with his name already being mentioned alongside artists like Chvrches, Early REM, Television, Bruce Springsteen, and The Velvet Underground.

Eddy Yang shined throughout all the stages of making his first single, with his taking charge of the Vocals, the Guitar, as well as the Beats and Programming. He also produced, mixed, and mastered the single, all within the four walls of his home.

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