Acclaimed Los Angeles-based indie artist Lucy & La Mer just released her new folk indie pop ballad “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down”, via Huffington Post. Lucy’s received widespread recognition for her latest single, with features on LA Times, Free People Blog, and Brooklyn Vegan.

Listen to Lucy & La Mer’s new single “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down” now: (via Soundcloud)

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Lucy & La Mer is the stunning musical endeavor of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and activist Lucy LaForge. Lucy’s sound consists of delicate indie folk melodies, alluring pop layered vocals, and her signature baritone ukulele.

Grammy Award-winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin (India Arie, Eminem, Corinne Bailey Rae) produced this single, highlighting Lucy’s signature style of indie pop melodies, offbeat lyrics, and folk instrumentation. Featuring breathy vocals, poignantly honest lyricism, and a stunning string instrumentation, “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down” is the perfect indie pop anthem.

Lucy & La Mer succeeds in composing music with a direct and clear disquisition. Lucy revealed this about her new single:

“The central theme for the single is transitioning. Most of my songwriting happens when there’s a change occurring in my life.”

Lucy describes how the single was created through experimentation and the breaking down of boundaries. Lucy & La Mer aims to be a constant reminder for audiences to learn self-love, to take a break from something that is wearing you down emotionally, and to focus on what’s most important. Her music beautifully blends acoustic sounds with a modern indie pop approach.

Lucy & La Mer has been featured in top-tier media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, Brooklyn Vegan, and LA Weekly. Her previous debut EP received major market radio adds and charted on popular college radio stations throughout the US. She’s worked closely with women’s rights organizations, including “More Than No” and The Cabaret Con-sensual, as well as with the LGBT activist group AmBi.

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