Rookie girl group Laboum are back. Today August 23, Laboum released a new music video for “Shooting Love”, the title track of their first mini album “Love Sign”.

Earlier this month, Laboum posted their schedule or this comeback, along with teaser images of each member and the entire group. A week later, Laboum released the music video teaser, cover art, and track list.

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Laboum is taking on the summer concept again this time. The group’s new song “Shooting Love” was composed by producer team Iconic Sounds. In the music video, the six members of Laboum are evenly split into two teams of three – to compete in a game of shooting hearts.

Laboum’s new EP “Love Sign” features a total of six new tracks, including an album intro, title track “Shooting Love”, and its instrumental: “Ding Dong”, “Sweetly”, and “Like U Love U”, a track sung by member Soyeon with Yun of Lunafly.




Laboum made another comeback earlier this year, last April with the release of their fourth single album “Fresh Adventure”, title track “Journey to Atlantis (Imagine More)”.

Laboum funded their previous comeback with the generous support of their fans, via K-pop crowdfunding platform Makestar. miss A’s ace Suzy also personally shared Laboum’s song “Journey to Atlantis” with her social media followers, helping Laboum boost their popularity.


Watch Laboum’s new summer music video for “Shooting Love” here:


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