Girl group Laboum are returning to the music show stage in the next few days, less than 2 months after wrapping up promotions for their previous song “Aalow Aalow” last February. Today, midnight of April 6, Korea local time, the group released their new mini album “Fresh Adventure” and the music video for the title track “Imagine More”. Their latest album comes just 5 months after releasing their last single album in December 2015.


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Just a few weeks after their goodbye stages on music shows for their song “Aalow Aalow”, Laboum announced that they were going to make their comeback in April with a new album and showcase. The time in between their previous and upcoming promotions was hardly longer than a month. During the past week, the group released a teaser video for each member, before uploading a teaser of the whole group a few days ago in anticipation of their next music video.




Laboum’s new mini album includes 2 brand new songs in addition to the title track. The music video features the members enjoying themselves on a camping trip, as well as new choreography and dance moves. Laboum’s new music video was funded by fan donations on K-pop-focused crowdfunding platform Makestar. The group were able to exceed their initial funding goal by 337%, thanks to 304 of their kind and generous fans. Fans who donated a significant amount before March 23 were listed as “Honorary Producers” in the credits portion of the music video.


Check out the music video below:


Check out the teaser video that came out a few days ago:


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