Girl group Laboum, sister group of U-KISS, is joining in on the April comeback lineup this year. The group just recently concluded the promotions for their last single, “Aalow Aalow“. The release date has been announced: their new single, titled “Fresh Adventure”, will be available on April 6. Laboum will hold a comeback showcase to show their new music, choreography, and concept before that day on April 4.




The group made their comeback plans known to the public when they uploaded a teaser photo on their various social media channels. The photo features member Yulhee riding a bicycle, looking up at the sky. Together with Oh My Girl, they will be the two confirmed girl groups in the mostly boy group comebacks next month.




Laboum debuted in August 2014 with the single “Pit-A-Pat”, and followed up quickly two months later with “What About You”. Last year they released two new singles: “Sugar Sugar” and “Aalow Aalow”.


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