Laboum is back! On April 18, Laboum dropped a new music video for “Hwi Hwi”, the lead single of their second EP “Miss the Kiss”.

Check out Laboum’s new music video for “Hwi Hwi” now:

In their music video for “Hwi Hwi”, Laboum dance in two very brightly lit dance sets: a gym and a room with red walls. Laboum sing about their feat to get the person, who they’ve had their eyes on for a while now, to notice the signs and signals they’ve been sending out this whole time: that they’d really just like to be kissed.

Laboum take on a variety of cute props in the video that highlight what their situation is like. They wait in anticipation in a classroom, unable to stop themselves from constantly checking their lockers, hoping to see a message there. They’re sad that they got gift bags, since they want something else. They try becoming a fortune teller, and look deep into a crystal ball to see if they’ll get what they’ve always wanted eventually.

Laboum even go to the moon, and peek through the clouds to look over the city, in case there’s going to be a kiss scene tonight. One member paces back and forth through a life-sized clock, like she really can’t wait any longer. A scene that’s a bit mysterious is when another member comes across a case that looks like one of those ancient mummy ones. Laboum’s struggle really shines through in the lyrics:

My heart starts to pound
When my eyes meet yours
My head goes bang as if I bumped into something

All time has stopped
I’m flying to the sky
It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for

The time has finally come
The moment you find out
Dramatically, it’s only us

Fans funded this Laboum comeback through the K-pop crowdsourcing platform Makestar, just like Laboum’s spring comeback last year with “Journey to Atlantis (Imagine More)”.

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