Birmingham’s fastest rising grime star has released the latest installment in her ‘Queen’s Speech‘ series, during which she namedrops the likes of Donald Trump, Frank Ocean and Pokemon Go.

In typical Leshurr style, she uses her unique combination of humour and fiesty lyrics to create a Halloween themed ‘Spooky’ banger.

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The simple video features Ms. Leshurr, decked out in a supergirl costume, making her way through London’s Greenwich foot tunnel as she spits bars of pure fire.

The basic video vibes allow the listener to focus solely on ‘The Queen’s’ sick lyrics and carefree attitude.

None of these girls don’t like me man… good, cause I be bad… Tell a man shush, pipe down son, treat them girls like a 5p bag.’

Listen to Lady Leshurr‘s latest effort below:

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