UK rapper, Lady Leshurr, recently released an eye-popping video for her funky new song Juice. Directed by Wowa, the video features energetic shots of kids breaking it down and dancing to the groove with the beautiful Lady Leshurr. She describes the kids as “little supporters” who she was ecstatic to include in the video and is more than impressed with their moves.

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The video is as colorful as the UK rapper’s flow. It cycles through segments of Lady Leshurr rapping and moving along with her backup dancers to shots of youths with the moves. The choreography represents the track flawlessly and the outfits seen match the personality of the dancers and their styles. Everything about this piece screams at you to get moving.

The song itself carries a bouncy rhythm that matches Lady Leshurr’s sassy tone. You can hear a dancehall-influenced vocal melody behind the Lady’s flow – she even takes it up during the bridge of the song. The consistent beat throughout the track makes it the perfect dance song for any party. Every element of the song works seamlessly to get your body moving with the dancers in the video.

Juice is part of Lady Leshurr’s latest EP, ModeThe EP is a 6-track project full of summer bangers that you can blast on those soon-to-be sunny days. Each song carries a vibe made to be played loudly through your car speakers and house parties. They’ll never disappoint a high energy crowd.

Lady Leshurr is an English rapper, singer, and producer from the UK. Her style has consistently remained sassy and spirited throughout her numerous projects. Her Queen’s Speech freestyles series are particularly noteworthy and are some of her most known works. The 4th edition went viral last year and you can see (or rather, hear) why right here.

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