People ought to know better than to start something with Lady Leshurr. She practically eats bars for breakfast, lunch and supper. Like why would you do that to yourself, and try to get some of that. But, once again they called her out, when she didn’t she send for them. And, once again they gon learn that’s a bad idea. Because, in this new frestyle aptly called “RIP,” she went in for a surgical strike. And, we’re sorry to report there are no survivors. Actually, sorry, not sorry.

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We aren’t gonna get into it here. But, an old associate of Lady Leshurr, who’s quickly earning the title Queen of Grime, especially with her Queen Speech series, said some things on social media about her, and about somethings that happened in the past.

Instead of just replying to the unnecessary provocation on social media, Lady Leshurr did what MCs are suppposed to do; get in the studio!

On The Way To The Studio To Record That Freestyle 😂

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Some of the greatest hiphop rappers and MCs became legends from disses and their appropriate responses. Some of the most consequential being, Tupac and Biggie, and then Nas and Jay-Z. The only situation here that’s kinda unique is that Lady Leshurr keeps obliterating her opponents. And, it’s near difficult to compare her to any of them.

Lady Leshurr may well be in a league of her own; the grime champions league.

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