Off the back, this is a dope track. Shot in Toronto, Lady Leshurr like many of her grime MC compatriots couldn’t resist the lure of America, as she switches it up and slows it down for a trap styled “On The Road”.

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As grime MCs like Stormzy and even Michael Dapaah aka Big Shaq have heeded the sirene call of going international, many grime MCs are giving it a go for themselves in hopes of replicating some of that success. Afterall, a rising tide lifts all boats.

The usual dimunitive fire cracker MC, Lady Leshurr, known for her witty, hard hitting and hard driving Queen Speech series, toned down the flow a bit in “On The Road.” Even lyrically, the song is a bit more reflective and self-possessed.

Which is no surprise, because appropriately named, the track comes after Lady Leshurr has been doing some global galivanting of her own. Her Insta has had her visiting exotic places like India and the Carribeans. And, it looks like these journeys have been more than just business and pleasure. They seem personal, as well.

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