Grime is battle culture. One MC against another. One rapper to another. And, Lady Leshurr just obliterated her opponent, whoever that may be, with this magnificently composed and delivered freestyle, called “UnLeshed.”

Lady leshurr unleshed 4

This is no ordinary freestyle, it is done to the Panda beat by Desiigner, (who found his way unto Kanye’s Life of Pablo after he bought the beat in 2014 for just $200). UnLeshed is rather exceptionally long at almost 5 minutes, but remains entertaining, with the ending sounding like a hook.

The track is multifaceted – one minute Lady Leshurr is in an intense roll. And, the next minute she’s in a determined crawl. The lyrics are engaging, and the flow is single-minded and undaunting.

The fans are also definitely loving it, With subscriber Nyani’s Pick commenting on the YouTube video,
“Hold up I gotta go get the fire extinguisher, my hairline just got lit”. Then, Livvi Vendetta commented, “Her lyrics are so genius omg. I love them”

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