As we reported last month, the co-founder of ‘Peach and Lily’ will be a regular on the beauty site Byrdie, blogging about Korean Beauty products. And,for her first post she highlighted beauty products with “Crazy Cool Packaging.”

Alicia Yoon Korean Beauty - 3

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The stick-form applicators really stood out, because in Alicia’s own words, “Stick-form beauty products are well loved in Korea just because they’re so easy. You don’t need to touch your face (and wash your hands before you do so)—you just roll the product over the face. Seriously, so convenient!”

For instance, featured was the “White Cake Cool Water Cream Stick:”


From the ‘Peach and Lily’ website it is described as “a travel size moisturizer which doubles as a solid mist that can be easily applied to any tight, flaky areas for extra moisture on-the-go. It can also be used as a eye balm which has a cooling effect – great for de-puffing – hydrates, and brightens up dullness.”

And, since ingredients are really important to the folks at Peach and Lily, you’ll get those there too.

Another cool product featured by Alicia is the ‘Be the Skin Nutritional Serum’.

be the skin botanical nutritional serum

Which, according to ‘Peach and Lily’ is all natural and “… for the long-lasting hydration and firming of the skin.”

To find out more, you can check out the entire blog post to see more of the featured Korean beauty products. And stay tuned to next Friday for more in “healthy” Korean beauty products.

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