It’s been three whole years since Lee Hi made last comeback with double title tracks “It’s Over” and “Rose”, and her full album “First Love” from last time was released in two parts. Her comeback this time is going the same way: today (on the 9th), the singer released the music videos for two songs “Hold My Hand” and “Breathe” for her two-part mini album “SEOULITE”.

from ajunews
from ajunews

This time, Lee Hi’s label mate, Tablo from Epik High, with DJ Tukutz are the producers for this album. She is also participating in the production of her own mini album. This is also the first time artists from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment are collaborating in the K-pop scene, with SHINee’s Jonghyun featuring on the album.

"SEOULITE" track list. From ajunews
“SEOULITE” track list. From ajunews
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With all the notable names and artists who worked to see this album come to fruition, the three year wait is now over and all fans should check it out right now. The CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk has delegated the production duties to Tablo from YG’s sub-label HIGHGRND because of his busy schedule. This is a YG comeback promotion that fans shouldn’t miss. Check out her new music videos below:

Hold My Hand


Catch up on the teasers if you missed them last week:

Hold My Hand (Teaser)

Breathe (Teaser)

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