This has to be the 3rd coming of Lee Michelle!

So, we’ve seen her on Kpop Star 1. Then we saw her as part of YG Entertainment trying to debut as a member of Supearls. We most definitely saw her, when she did finally debut with a soul-crushing debut “Without You“. But, golly-wolly, we never imagined we would ever see Lee Michelle like this!

As a contestant on the JTBC hit show Tribe of Hip-hop, she is unleashing verses at the rate of any – and I mean any – K-hiphop artist you can think of.
It all started as she was unveiled on the November 8 show, from behind a wall of digital pixels, when she did a remix of Lady Leshurr‘s Queen’s Speech 5. Well, now she’s done it again, and knocked our socks off in her collab performance on the November 29 show. Now, please somebody sign this amazing young lady and treat the word to her debut hip-hop album as a K-hip hop artist.

Check out both performances, below.



Lee Michelle on Facebook. Also, check the dope lyrics to Queenz.

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