‘Little Mix’ Shows “Power” In New Music Video Featuring ‘Stormzy’


Little Mix talks girl “Power” in new song with help from rapper Stormzy. Along with the new music video, the group also did a performance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2017. Keeping with the video and song’s theme, the girls really deliver the power they have on stage too.

The video features women of all types showing off their power and being bosses. Nothing is over done in this video. The girls are sexy, strong and have something to say. The performance goes right along those lines as the girls show off their amazing vocals live while still hitting their moves like pros. While I personally don’t think the rapper’s was much needed, it does provide solid supportĀ on the same topic.


Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

But wait…there’s more. Fans apparently didn’t take too well to the news of the collaboration and it’s obvious why. It’s a male feature on a female empowerment song. For some, the mere fact of there being a feature was enough to get them mad. And I totally understand. They have great voices and are genuinely talented and beautiful, why have a feature at all? Let alone a male. But, this didn’t last long though. After the song was released, fan took to social media again to state their satisfaction with the collab. My opinions haven’t changed, but I’m glad the group’s fans can see a good song for what it is.

See both below.

Music Video

Summertime Ball 2017 Performance


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