Hip hop started with creativity. I’m just a creator, making creative music

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Atlanta based singer and songwriter ConSio has been announced as the local artist for TGM Events’ Highlight event. ConSio will take the stage for the music and fashion event, alongside Kpop boy group BTS.




ConSio’s lyrics and creative flow have followed him since the young age of 10 when he first began putting lyrics to hot instrumentals. His love for musical art, along with inspiration from zrtists such as Outkast, 2 Pac, and Kanye West, showed him that it was possible to make good music using creativity that would affect the masses. From then to now, ConSio has been on one singular mission: to bring art and creativity back to hip hop, thus bringing back “good music.”


“I hear more and more people saying they don’t listen to the radio anymore because they think rap music all sounds the same.” ConSio’s diversity and passion for real music has already caught the attention of some of the south’s most talented producers, including producer Jason Andrews of Spotlight Studios in Atlanta, GA. Among the latest of ConSio’s projects is his debut album, “ConSio’s Dream,” featuring hit song, “Higher.” “This track right here was my chance to show a hip hop artist being diverse and creative; it was my chance to reach out beyond hip hop. “ 

Despite ConSio’s rising fame and attention, his primary goal remains the same: to supersede the music of today and bring back the refreshing sounds of real hip hop that the people used to love. “I work so hard at this music because I have a love and passion for it. I almost feel like Diddy right now, a ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’ mentality. At the end of the day, it’s all about the music. 

ConSio can be found Facebook and Twitter.



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