‘Loco’ Releases Another Video For Song From ‘Bleached’ Album


Following the release of the MV for “Brighten Your Night”, rapper Loco also released a music visual for song “AOMG”. This makes his new release, “Rewind”, his sixth release from his latest album BLEACHED. In the “AOMG” MV, we were exposed to the rapper’s lack of hair. There was no explanation for it…until now.

“Rewind” MV

In this video, we see behind the scenes footage of the rapper at various concerts. The video starts and ends with the rapper going to the bathroom in a hotel and taking off his shirt. In the first instance, the scene is cut and we don’t really know why he’s going to the bathroom. The second time around it is shown in full and we see the rapper shaving his head himself!

“Honestly, I wanna go back
Because today becomes yesterday
I didn’t know anything
But I still remain…”

The lyrics of the song reflect the desire to go back to simpler times. In the song, the rapper expresses how things are changing and how he once thought that things would be the same forever. He wants more himself; to go back to what he is comfortable with. And that brings us to the head shaving scene. For those who don’t know, Loco didn’t always have the iconic blonde hair he has been known for. He used to wear a shaved look when he first debuted. I guess this is him going back to what he knows; changing yet going back to a comfort at the same time.

Well, that was deeper than expected. Check out the video below.


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