‘Loco’ Sings “DA DA DA” In New Love Song With ‘Hoody’


Loco released another video! This time, though, it’s much different from his previous one. “DA DA DA” is a love song that features fellow AOMG artist Hoody.


“As if I would run to you right now/DA DA DA/I can make you hold everything/All, all, all/The empty room is dark again/If I tear the calendar, will I be able to see you?”

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

The lyrics depict lovers who are far apart from each other. The rapper expresses his desires to see the person and how those desires are filled with the drawings he does. It’s as if through his drawings he’s closer to this person. By the bridge we get to hear Hoody‘s voice and her story briefly speaks to distant lovers who drifted with time.


The video shows a white room for the rapper and the girl he’s speaking of has a room with color and images. This shows the emptiness of missing someone and how much that person brings to your life. Nearer to the end, we get an outdoor scene with the rapper walking with who is suspected to be the same girl in the other room. They walk through a beautiful garden together.

Watch the video below.


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