Two of the biggest female rappers in the Korean scene recently joined together for a special collab. On October 27, Miryo of K-pop veterans Brown Eyed Girls and rising star Giantpink dropped their intense new music video for “Rock-Scissors-Paper”. Miryo and Giantpink are both signed under All I Know Music, the hip-hop label of Mystic Entertainment.




Miryo and Giantpink graduated a while back from Mnet’s star-studded rapper survival show “Unpretty Rapstar 3”. In the final few episodes of the hit TV show, Miryo was eliminated in the semi-finals – despite her long years and vast experience in the scene – to make way for Giantpink’s eventual #1 victory as the rapidly rising underdog.

In the music video for “Rock-Scissors-Paper”, the duo not only continue their epic rivalry – but also take it to the next level, staring each other down as the song’s beat marches on in the background. Giantpink’s signature raspy rapping voice joins forces with Miryo’s time-tested delivery and flow- to draw you in for a truly scene-shattering hit.




In addition to “Rock-Scissors-Paper”, Miryo and Giantpink also each added in one classic track of theirs, to go along with their first ever collab single – “Homebody’s Day” and “Make Money”.

Miryo first performed “Homebody’s Day” on the “Unpretty Rapstar” stage – a very emotional and eye-opening track where the veteran rapper reflects on how deeply immersed she felt in waves of boredom and helplessness, during her several year long hiatus from the scene.

On the other side, Giantpink – her rapping partner for the singleshares her story, gigs, and her efforts to stack cash in “Make Money”, which also became a hit on the same show.


Watch Miryo x Giantpink’s new video for “Rock-Scissors-Paper” here:


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