On April 4, Stormzy gave his worldwide fans a brief taste of a yet-to-be-released single off his upcoming album. He put it all over social media, and the name of the single is “Scary.”

#SCARY 👻 cc: @kaylumdennis

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A video posted by #MERKY (@stormzyofficial) on

However, a YouTube video came across my path on April 18th called “Stormzy – Scary (New) (Radio Rip). DAT PIFF.” I check it out, and it had only about 150 views, so I ignored it. But then later today, I still had the link open and checked it out again. But, this time the video had been taken off YouTube with this cryptic message:

“Stormzy – Scary …” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by PEDL.”

Not only the video, but even the channel no longer seems to exist.

Stormzy in New York-27

As for what PEDL means? It “is Warner/Chappell Music’s Pan European Digital Licensing initiative offering digital and mobile service providers the opportunity of licensing Warner/Chappell Anglo US copyrights on a pan European basis from a single point in Europe.

And, Warner/Chappell Music is the publishing arm of Warner Music Group Corp.

That would have not been cool, if the apparent leak had gained worldwide attention. I barely listened to it, so I can’t really say if it was off-the-hook. But, it certainly wasn’t dripping hot lava like “Shut Up” – whatever the track was.

See the link, below – as it won’t embed:


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