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When it comes to quotes, there are many about love. Some of the most common ones are “Love has no Color” and “Love comes when you least expect it”. When it comes to beauty there are also popular standards. However, according to popular culture today, more than likely the standards of European women are desired. Many nationalities of men want to date someone with European features, and many nationalities of women want the same look as a European female. Whether it be through cyber space or the real world, you will see many praise European women while tearing down other races through stereotypes. The consequence for thinking like that is missing out on wonderful opportunities of love.

The video below shows a perfect example of this.

A small group of young Korean men travel to Florida to visit a friend. They all expect to easily attract white women because they heard a stereotype about them being “easy”. As time goes on while at the beach, they begin to realize that they could barely even talk to a white girl. When 2/3 of boys finally built up the courage to do so, the girl didn’t seem interested. In fact she seemed to be a bit worried about whether they were from the North part of Korea or the South.

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As they were ¬†attempting talk to the distracted girl, a group of females-of-color walked up behind them and struck up a conversation with one of the boys. The group of girls begin to talk about their interest in Korean dramas and music, and you could see a light go off in the boy’s head. He realized that he found this girl, who was not white, attractive. The girl didn’t have long, straight hair. And, she had facial features quite unlike her white counterparts, yet he found her attractive.

Both the group of Korean men and the group of “colored” girls rode in the banana boat together. While his friends were depressed about not getting the attention they wanted from white girls, he was having fun with the girl who actually showed interest in him. It would have been a perfect opportunity for the other 2 boys to make new friends, but they were stuck on one idea only.

After the boat ride, both groups parted ways. The Korean man that discovered this new key of life was at first ashamed to tell his friends how he felt about the girl on the boat, but he eventually got up and ran after her leaving his moping friends behind.

Even though it may sound cliche, love does not discriminate. You should not want to start a relationship with someone based off of skin color because just as the video showed, you may end up alone. Love can’t be forced, it should be natural and if it’s meant to be everything will fall into place. From the very beginning of the video, the boy with the happy ending was focused on having fun rather than trying to have a one night stand like his friends. In the end he did have fun and he also learned some lessons himself. We should all let this be example for us. When it comes to love, be open minded.

Everyone deserves love, black, white and all the ‘colors’ in between.
Click, for more on the film and director, Lee Hyungjik.