The other half of Lovelyz lead vocalist Kei’s upcoming duet has been revealed. This week on August 31, the rapper myunDO, a contestant on “Show Me the Money 5”, was announced as Kei’s partner in the second music video teaser of their collab project “Y”.


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Kei and myunDO’s duet was announced earlier this week on August 30, together with the release of the first music video teaser for “Y”. The music video for “Y” will be released tomorrow on September 2. The duet duet is a remake of the song “Please Tell Me Why” by Freestyle.




The coming together of the very different voices of Kei’s light voice and strong vocals, and myunDO’s flow and deep rapping style, are making for a very interesting duet evidenced in the short audio clips in the teasers.


Watch the second teaser of Kei and myunDO’s duet “Y” here:


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