Girl group Lovelyz, sister group of Infinite under Woollim Entertainment, are returning to the stage soon. Lovelyz’ agency announced that the group is currently preparing for their comeback scheduled for the end of April. Their new mini album will be released around the same time. Their upcoming comeback is another instance of Lovelyz returning quickly to perform on music shows, with their last song “For You” released only four months ago.


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The group are currently recording new songs for album, filming the music video, and polishing the final musical release and other promotional material. Their upcoming album, also their second mini album, is titled “A New Trilogy”, with the title track to be chosen soon. Lovelyz’ choice to make their comeback this month will have them perform alongside JYP girl group Twice as well as Produce 101’s girl group IOI in the following weeks.




Lovelyz debuted in November 2014 with the song “Candy Jelly Love” and a full-length album titled “Girls’ Invasion”. Before their debut, their agency, Woollim Entertainment, promoted a pre-release song from the group titled “Good Night Like Yesterday”. They returned soon in March 2015 with an album repackage and a new song “Hi~”. Their next mini album “Lovelyz8” was promoted by the pre-release song “Shooting Star”, before it was released with the title track “Ah-Choo” in September. The group then returned quickly with the single album “Lovelinus” and  promoted it with the song “For You” in December.


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