Lovelyz are coming back soon! The music video teaser for Lovelyz’ next video, “WoW!”, and the album preview for their second LP “R U Ready?” are both out now.


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Lovelyz’ teaser video for “WoW!” takes you on a tour of a lovely home, with walls adorned with the Woollim girl group’s posters, paper cutouts, and lots of other creative items from their previous comebacks. The teaser wraps up with a laptop playing what looks like the full music video for “WoW!” and solo shots of each of Lovelyz’ 8 members. “WoW!” is the lead single of Lovelyz’ next album “R U Ready?”, featuring an amazing 11 new songs.

Check out Lovelyz’ MV teaser for “WoW!” now:

Also, have a listen of the songs on Lovelyz’ next album “R U Ready?”:

Lovelyz made their previous comeback last April, with their second EP “A New Trilogy” and “Destiny” music video. The video featured lots of planet-like globes above Lovelyz’ dance set. In the group and solo shots, the members looked like a new kind of gravity was moving them along, in all sorts of interesting directions.  The Korean title of the song, “My Earth”, sorts the quirkiness out.

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