The chase! All that chasing! Competing! All that competing for attention! And, finally, when you can’t take it no more, she turns around and says, oh hey! “That’s What Lover’s Do.” Well may be, guy lovers, like Maroon 5’s front man and vocalist Adam Levine. But, I’m sure girl lovers, like Sza, have there own frustrations.

Maroon 5 and Sza collaborated on the track, released earlier on August 29. And, they have now dropped the otherworldly music video.

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Now, if you’re just a casual lover, yeah the visuals may trip over your head, like it did Lauren O’Neill of Vice Media’s music blog, Noisey. Who said in her well-off-the-mark review, “It’s part Pixar movie, part weird dream you’d have at the gentler end of a comedown.”

From the beginning, the talking animals and dinosaurs signify two children in their own world, who have a strong affinity to run after each other. That’s the puppy love stage – the sweetest kind. None of that adult stuff, and weird complications.

Then puberty hits, as in Adam Levine landing hard on the ground with a painful thud. Ugh… Who doesn’t know that feeling! Then the sweet girl across the street is no longer just yours alone to go on flights of fancy. Because, without invitation the world also wants a piece of the action. And, suddenly it’s off to the foot races. Because, “that’s what lovers do” – chase and be chased.

The funniest part is when Sza, as the female protagonist leads Adam by the hand underwater, to places you’d never in your right mind go to, or do.

But, then “that’s what lovers do.” Take a speed boat to hades and back. Or, help steal away Poseidon’s trident, if only led on by her beguiling tongue and mesmerizing eyes.

As 70’s British Soul band The Real Thing once well intoned, “I’ll do anything for you, your wish is my command. I’ll move any mountain, if your hand is in my hand.”

Why? Because “that’s what lovers do.”

It’s definitely a trippy video, like Lauren attests. But, you can only relate, if you’ve ever fallen. Fallen hard enough, to do “What Lovers Do.”


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