Luca Bash is back in the scene taking his music in a whole new direction. The Italian singer-songwriter dropped his latest independent album “Keys of Mine” a few months back on September 7.

It’s been close to 2 years since Luca’s CMYK project (“Cyan”, “Magenta”, “Yellow”, and “Key Black”), a series of four acoustic EP’s that got lots of great feedback when they were first released in 2015.

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Lots of musicians collab’ed with Luca for this album and featured in the four music videos that were released to go with the LP. Luca himself led with the vocals as the singer, songwriter, and guitar player. Alessandro Cioffi got the drums beating, Alessandro Matilli found his own groove with the keyboardsRiccardo Ascani played the bassGiova Pes rocked the lead guitar, and Duilio Ingrosso rolled with the sax.

While Luca’s latest album “Keys of Mine” is very folk-oriented, the many styles he’s great at also make an impression, including Jam Pop, Funk, Soft Rock, and Fusion. Luca’s sound has been compared to big names like Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, and John Mayer.

The press had lots of glowing praise to give about how Luca’s easygoing vocals and his skill with the guitar are making the folk music scene more compelling for the better:


“Bash is a trailblazer.”

Verbal Slaps:

“Destined to take the current state of folk music and raise the bar.”

Vents Magazine:

“Undeniably compelling.”

Luca himself had this to say about his own “Keys of Mine” LP:

“This need to make music evolved into arranging and mastering a new LP with my friends and musicians, spread out among Europe. This wish becomes real in “Keys of Mine” LP, self-produced in 2017, dedicated to the friends that enhance my art.”

Luca Bash’s smooth and uplifting new LP “Keys of Mine” includes a stunning independently self-produced 15 tracks. The album begins with “Backstage”, getting the groove rolling and setting the stage for a coolly exciting listening session. Luca keeps the relaxing and easygoing beat going with “Beyond the Screen”, this time taking the thrilling energy up a notch.

The second track is the focus of the first of four music videos Luca produced to go along with the album. In the videos, Luca and his bandmates for this release get together in a home that got transformed into a chill hangout spot beforehand in the city of Rome.

The videos present Luca and the musicians rocking their respective instruments in the newly converted home studio. Luca and his fellow artists get out of the house later on, enjoying a nice walk downtown and having some drinks when they arrive at their hangout destination.

Next up is “Your Tomorrow”, the track where Luca switches the scene up a bit to let his softer and more mellow vocal side shine through. The beats and overall sound become even more alluring with “Paradise Cafè”, adding in a lot of rock that will definitely shake things up.

The smooth rocky groove gets even more intense in “Forever Like Asleep”. This track got the second music video, where Luca and his bandmates are at their home studio. This time, they even out the rock music with a glowing dose of blues and R&B. The quintet also head to town later in the video, having a great time sharing stories about their day making music.

The next track is “The Sun’s Everlasting Smile”, that got the third music video in the series. Luca brings back his warmer and silkier vocals for this song, and gets the place gradually relaxed with the hints of jazz he slowly introduces into the scene and his bandmate’s smooth sax solo.

Things got calm and fun there, but Luca makes a sudden transition with the refreshing contrast of smooth guitars and reggae playing in the same song, “Women’s Way (Nu Shu)”.

Next up is “Fair White Lies”, that got the fourth and final music video. Here the bass emerges as a truly impactful instrument, complementing Luca’s guitar beautifully as both instruments build the sound up for a track that goes deep.

The next song on the playlist is “Black Swan’s Walls”, another rock-heavy and funk-infused roller coaster ride. The get-together party goes on with “Jekyll & Hyde”, a song that feels like a walk that’s slower than usual, a pace that’s just right to take everything in, this time the guitar melody and the sounds of the sax.

Up next is “Crumblin’ Lover”, the track where Luca and his bandmates roll with jazz and blues to create a sound that fits in very well with the guitars and matches the direction the album’s going in. Soon after is “Millennium Idiot”, a more hard-hitting track than the previous ones, that amps up the power and electricity to another level, with a nice glow of R&B to smooth things out.

The album keeps on going with “In My Place”, slowing things down slightly for a warmer rock groove that’s just right for the sax’s smooth comeback to the spotlight. Closing time is near with “Love and Lust”, a throwback song to the 80’s, a surprising yet welcome way to lighten things up even more with its retro sounds and beats.

Luca’s latest record wraps up with “Upwind”, continuing the newfound upbeat pace that got started with the track before last. It’s a great song to close the listening session on a high note, keeping everyone’s spirits up in the face of all the challenges and inviting the listener to check the album out once more for another listen.

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