On 07-17-15, the first anniversary of the untimely death of Eric Garner at the hands of overly aggressive members of the NYPD, Virginia/New York based rapper Lyriks released a new single that addresses police brutality, and is named, eerily, “Can’t Breathe.”

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“I can’t breathe”, words immortalized by the dying Eric Garner, have now become the rallying cry for police reform.” One bad apple”, they say “spoils the bunch.” Similarly, Lyricks challenges law enforcement officers by saying “if one of y’all are wrong, that blemishes the whole team.”

Good cops cannot be satisfied to sit quietly, in their squad cars, or in the locker room, while fellow officers make a mockery of the very laws they are to uphold, and the community they are to protect. Else, they should also sit quietly, when an angry populace says all cops are bad, or call cops by derisive names.

Take a listen to Lyrick‘s, powerful single and watch the video. After that watch our interview of the rapper himself, below, as he discusses the single and the challenges he faces as a rapper.