The new Nickelodean series, Make it Pop, has been coming on every week night for the whole month of April. Friday, May 1 was the last day of the season, and on that day Megan Lee who plays Sun Hi announced on her Facebook page that Season 2 had popped. It will be coming on weekly instead of daily.

The series started out with the 3 main female characters, Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki showing at first a love-hate relationship, but as the season went on on their bond grew stronger and thicker, making it unbreakable. A lot can be said when it comes to the fun and energetic show, such as the music, fashion, plot line, and personalities / traits of the characters.

Although there have been 5 new episodes every week for the past 3 weeks, not too many big events occurred. The show goes into a lot of details with the rising actions before it hits the climax. Things such as the canceling of the anticipated homecoming, and Corki’s known-to-be-strict father making an appearance were things about the show that kept your interest very high.

Sun Hi is known for being very conceited and somewhat unintelligent, but we all get a shocking surprise when it turns out she’s a genius! The students at school were required to take an aptitude test and Sun Hi’s music and internal intelligence were off the chart. Sun Hi receives a certificate indicating that she’s a genius and she goes back to her dorm to show her two best friends. She then expresses how she doesn’t know how to be a genius and breaks out into a song, “How I’m Made”. They want to move her into a school with advanced studies made up of gifted kids just like Sun Hi.


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Sun Hi experiences a short emotional roller coaster by at first feeling excited, because she thinks it will help her to become an international super star.Then she is told she would be studying 24/7 which makes her slightly doubtful, but then is told that she won’t have to take any tests and there won’t be any grades. Once she heard that Sun Hi was practically walking through the entrance of her new upcoming school not even stopping once to think about her new-made friends/band partners. At first thinking she was forced to go to the new school she tried to play dumb thinking the school wouldn’t accept her anymore, but the recruiter told her she wasn’t forced to do anything and Sun Hi decided to stay.

Homecoming was coming up and Jodi got to really show off her skills by designing a pretty blue dress for Corki to compete for homecoming queen in. As Jodi was handing over her best work of art she showed some hesitation. It was a very awkward exchange and because of that it’s somewhat explainable why Jodi was the first to be accused when the dress went missing. But the dramatic irony that occurred was that mean-and-popular girl Valerie is that one that really took the dress. Before knowing that there was an awkward rehearsal between the band when performing “My Girls”. Everyone could feel the tension between Jodi and Corki, and they continuously bumped into each other. By the time they found out where the dress was, it was on the edge of being ruined. Right as Corki was about to retrieve the dress back, lightning struck it and it was damaged. Jodi manages to keep a positive attitude knowing she could fix the situation.

Jodi has a huge crush on the only male member of their group, Caleb. She wants to ask him to homecoming and finally builds up the courage to do so. When she asks she is shot down. Usually, when something like that happens a girl’s confidence can hit the dumps, but Caleb had good reasoning. He was going to be the dj of the dance, at least he thought he was. As Caleb was about to rehearse his game plan for the show, his equipment somehow created a hole in the gym floor.  Because of the mishap homecomming becomes canceled. Students grow extremely upset and Valerie goes on depression mode.

At first Sun Hi suggests an idea about creating a social media dance but before her idea can grow and be nurture, Caleb comes up with a better idea. A secret homecoming dance. He would be the Dj, Sun Hi could have her solo performance that she has been dreaming of, Jodi could show off her dress, and Corki could win over her beloved Jared. The excitement of the girls causes them to break out into the song, “Girls @”

The news about the secret dance spreads like wild fire, and everyone manages to keep it on the low, that is until the night of the dance. Right before Sun Him was about to perform, the principle and dram teacher walk in. They were at first upset, but Caleb told them to keep watching and the drama teacher’s attitude changes when her sees Sun Hi’s beautiful performance. She performed “Do You Know My Name“, Corki and Jared begin dancing off of it and were even about to kiss, but then Corki’s phone rings. Turns out her anonymous father would be making an appearance.

Jodi grows nervous and the next day decided to finally reveal to her friends that her father was on of the richest men in the world. Sun Hi immediately knows who he is and begins dreaming about how life would be as a rich girl. They break out into the song “Superstar”.

Corki grows even more nervous when Caleb tells the group that he booked them their first interview. Sadly Corki’s father shows up right after the exciting news is given to them. Caleb also reveals how he finally came up with a band name, but decides to put a show together at the teen club to reveal the name, and show off a little more of their talent. Corki knowing that she has to please her father thinks that she can only audition for the orchestra as a non-academic activity. As she plays the violen, Caleb dreams of what more they can do with Corki’s newly seen talent. In his dream they perform “Spotlightz (Dr.R remix)” with Corki starting off playing the violin.

Jodi, the member known for talents in designing clothes and coming up with dance moves grows excited about one of her favorite designers having a pop up store in her local area. She of course just has to go. And, when she does she gets mistaken as a model. The workers put her in a high end coat and she grows anxious as she thinks about her potential for her future. The band breaks out into the song “Now I Am Here (Fashion remix)”. When the pop up store is about to leave, Jodi’s jacket gets caught up on a hanger and she accidentally get pushed into a truck along with much other clothing. At first in a cheerful mood with being able to try on so many new outfits, she grows nervous as she calls her friends. Because her father owns the truck that Jodi is stuck in, Corki is able to help her out.

Caleb begins hanging up posters of their upcoming show and Corki’s father happens to walk by it. Not knowing what it really was, he grew the desire to take Corki there as a surprise. The drama teacher also grows interest in going to possibly find talented people to perform in his play. After successfully completing their first interview, they get to perform at their anticipated show. The other members somehow convinced Corki to perform. And, they should be thankful she did, because their performances were at its finest when they all performed as a team. Corki eventually made eye contact with her father at the end of her performance and she thought it was all over for her. Her father met her backstage and expressed he greatly enjoyed the performance. He gave Corki genuine feelings as he told her that he doesn’t mind her being in the band because it makes her happy.

Because Corki had her father’s approval it seemed like she felt much more comfortable to try new things. She was all up for auditioning for the play along with her two best friends. Most school activities usually flow easily with out any problems, you’re either accepted or rejected, but that wasn’t the case with Mckendrick High’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ play. Everyone that wanted to audition was able to, except for Sun Hi. Although, the theater teacher thought she showed mega talent, her wrong actions toward Valerie caused her to lose her opportunity. Sun Hi of course comes up with an idea to show the teacher how she is feeling. She decides to follow his every move while recording her feelings along with his reactions toward her. When she started posting them onto her blog, Sun Hi nation, one of the two begins to grow internet famous.

It turns out to surprisingly be the dorky theater teacher. He even gets offered his own TV show, which doesn’t last for long. Once the TV producer meets Sun Hi he wants to drop the theater teacher and hire her instead. But Sun Hi shows a new mature attitude and found it best to give the unexpected fame to her teacher. Because of Sun Hi’s generous heart, her theatre teacher gets the once in a life time chance to audition for a Broadway show, which he fails at. Right when the spotlight shined on him he froze and lost the chance at becoming a big star and finds himself back at the school only having about 3 days before the play. His boss, the principle, tells him that if the play doesn’t go right the theatre class will be destroyed and a swimming class will replace it.

Sun Hi and her friends grow concerned about their favorite class being destroyed before they can even take part in it and they decide to try their hardest as a team to pull the show together. They become so motivated that they begin singing “Do It” while pulling an all-nighter. All of the props, clothing, and music turn out perfectly. Several hours later it was showtime.

It seems like everyone was going to perform great until Corki came out to the stage, she makes immediate and direct eye contact with her dad. You could see her mind go completely blank and she kept asking for her lines truly acting like the coward lion she was portraying to be. The first parts of the show turned out to be a comedic mess. When things seemed like they couldn’t get any better, the theater teacher gives each kid a few motivating words. He praises Sun Hi and her creative mind telling her to follow her first instinct, and he tells Corki to think about what makes her feel the most bravest and confident. Jodi makes an adjustment to Corki’s outfit, giving Corki a blast of self esteem. And, for the final part of the play they all perform “United (Who We Are)“. Once they were done Jodi is greeted by a favorite and famous fashion designer and is  offered an internship!

After the show the crowd wants an encore. The stage some how becomes messed up so they move their performance to the teen club and begin singing “Light It Up”. Behind the stage the band receives a surprise visit by the famous Nick Cannon. Right when they see his face Caleb falls out. Nick offers the band a 30 state tour, Sun Hi of course wants to say yes right away, but Jodi brought up her freshly offer for her dream internship. Right when Corki was about to speak up her dad enters the scene and tell her he’s sending her back home because he feels her schooling is being neglected and abruptly pulls her away.

The show then ends just like that leaving us questioning whether Corki will get to stay or have to leave. A lot of changes happened with the characters throughout the last few episodes. Sun Hi started to show emotions towards people and exposing the big heart she truly had. Sun Hi begins to act selfless. Jodi already had confidence, but she grows ambition to follow her passion. Corki learns to grow courage. She finally takes a stand for herself and her feelings. She becomes more comfortable in her skin.

Many viewers were happy to find out that there would be a season 2 of the show.


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