Summer is already here and the sizzling heat presents a different set of problems for your skin.

The strong sunlight and the humidity can make your skin an easy target to attack during the summer season. Prevent your skin from being the victim of the smothering heat with Korean sheet masks as your essential skin care tool.

Korean sheet masks are trending as an essential skin care item. You might wonder why they are so popular. First, sheet masks make the skin care routine so much more convenient and affordable. Personally, I find the whole 10-step Korean skin care routine unnecessarily strenuous; so one sheet mask per day can be a very agreeable alternative.

Below are three most common summer skin care problems and my recommendations for a sheet mask to protect and enhance your skin health this season.

  1. Sunburn:  Exposure to the sunlight for a long time can make your skin sag and cause your skin to become more sensitive. Heal your skin with Nature Republic’s Aloe Mask Sheets. The ample amount of aloe vera extract included in this sheet mask will help to heal and sooth your sunburnt skin. You can get them on Amazon for $11.50 for a pack of seven.Kbeauty_FaceMask1
  2. Enlarged pores: The intense heat causes pores to create excess sweat and sebum. As dirt and oil builds up in your pores, your skin starts to swell and it makes pores look larger. Try the Etude House Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet to minimize your enlarged pores. According to Etude House, this product includes the Astringentlex (catechu, cinnamon, jiyugaoka, lotus, geranium complex extract). These ingredients are all known to effectively minimize pores. It is available on Amazon for $20.20 for a pack of ten.Kbeauty_FaceMask2
  3. Breakouts: As I have mentioned above, excess sweat and sebum create enlarged pores. It gets worse because the sweat and sebum also clogs up your pores, which eventually leads to breakouts. Try TonyMoly’s I’m Real Tea Tree Skin Care Mask Sheet. Tea tree is known for effectively clearing acne and blemishes from breakouts. Tea tree soothes and disinfects the dirty substance deep inside your skin. These are also available on Amazon for $10.98 for a pack of ten.Kbeauty_FaceMask

Don’t let the summer heat get under your skin. Maintain a beautiful healthy skin this season with  sheet masks. My special tip for sheet masks is to put it into the refrigerator 20 minutes before use. Putting a cool sheet mask on your skin after a long, hot day is honestly the best feeling the world.

Please share with me below if you have any suggestions for other amazing Korean sheet masks for summer skin care!

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