Manga Saint Hilare absolutely goes in on this NFTR freestyle. A lot of the time, a grime freestyle’s gonna have a repeated line that people can catch onto. Manga makes no such move. His freestyle’s a story and he tells it flawlessly. You’ll definitely need a couple of listens before you move on. We know we did.

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The beat and video isn’t anything especially interesting. It’s pretty crazy how quick the freestyle goes from zero to a hundred though. You get Manga doing some shoutouts in the intro and within a second, the drums drop in and Manga loses his mind in his flow. The camera work was just focused on Manga the whole time – something we’re going to follow suit on.

Lyrically, we don’t want to give any spoilers. Just trust us when we say it’s well worth your time to go over his verses. The flow, however, is something else entirely. He just goes on and on with that smooth drill style that we catch onto. That specific style is fairly prevalent in grime. Manga’s execution kills it though – no pun intended. Listening to it again (the video’s been on repeat for us), it’s almost like Manga is battling the instrumental. His voice is the drum and the inflection is the melody. He goes in verse after verse and we can’t get over it. Keep an eye out for him.


Manga Saint Hilare is a London MC with Roll Deep – Wiley’s grime crew. Officially, the crew originates from Bow, London, England, so we know some serious talent is coming out of that city. His most recent project, Outbursts from the Outskirts, just dropped and you’d do well to check it out. Manga isn’t someone to sleep on.

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