‘Maniac’ and ‘Michelle Lee’ shed “Black Tear” for mixed Koreans in new song


Maniac speaks his mind in revealing song, “Black Tear” featuring Michelle Lee. The video is simple with an all-black theme to emphasize the lyrics of the song.

Maniac makes reference to his daughter twice in the song as if he hopes she won’t have to go through what he did when living in Korea. The presence of Michelle Lee adds to the depth of the song even before reading translated lyrics. Many people know about Michelle Lee and her own struggles while growing up in Korea as a mixed person herself. Her experiences shine through her voice without having to mention it herself.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Maniac goes all out in the song. He reveals the discrimination and unfavorable comments he received while living in Korea. It’s a heartbreaking song that looks for a silver lining in the darkness. The simplicity of the video adds a solemn atmosphere. Only Maniac and Michelle Lee are featured and both are in black in a black room with one light shining on either artist at a time. The viewer has no other choice but to listen to the words and feel what the rapper is feeling.

Check it out here:

Maniac is a Korean African-American rapper based in South Korea. A veteran of the Korean Hip-Hop scene, he has been a part of a few Hip-Hop crews like Uptown/UPT and Jiggy Fellaz. Though of Korean and African-American heritage, Maniac has also lived in Germany and Indiana before moving to South Korea in the 90s.

Here’s Maniac on social media: Twitter, InstagramYouTube.


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